About Us

Intimate Moments Aroma
Derived from our usage of scented products, Intimate Moments Aroma symbolizes the art of cherishing moments with oneself and/or loved ones. We diffuse essential oils to create a soothing atmosphere during a calm evening, kindle a candle for an intimate dinner, or apply a roll-on before meditation.
This is an experience that you embrace to rejuvenate and reestablish a connection with yourself and/or your cherished companions. We would be truly honored to share in and contribute to those precious moments.
On my journey to healing, I discovered the world of spirituality and natural remedies, which included the use of essential oils. Initially, it was a simple matter of purchasing oils and diffusing them to improve my sleep quality. However, this led me to question: 'What exactly are these oils?' Driven by curiosity, I embarked on a journey of deeper learning and understanding. Little did I know, this path would lead me to a profound education.

Over several months of evening classes dedicated to studying human anatomy, oil varieties, chemical compositions, and more, I successfully earned my certification as an aromatherapist in 2021. During this time, I encountered my first set of soy fragrant candles and was instantly captivated by their allure. Yet, this experience sparked something within me: Could I replace fragrant oils with essential oils, integrating my newfound knowledge into a product that could provide safe enjoyment for those who appreciate both candles and essential oils? For like-minded individuals who sought the benefits of high-quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils, yearning for a product devoid of harmful additives.

Something that can be enjoyed with peace of mind.

The realization struck even deeper as I shared my life with my beloved pup. I discovered a void in the market for pet-safe candles, and from this revelation emerged the concept of crafting candles that are not only safe for pets but also for children.

Guided by a desire to make a positive impact on both the community and the environment, I recognized that these principles would form the heart of my envisioned small business. The foundation of Intimate Moments Aroma (IMA) was established through an earnest commitment to emulate the principles of a circular economy in every feasible manner—meticulously sourcing ingredients, mindful packaging, reducing waste, contemplating the potential for reusable materials, and channeling proceeds towards organizations effecting meaningful change.

After a rigorous nine-month journey of trial and error, IMA came to fruition, introducing our line of candles to the world. Yet, this is just the beginning—a prelude to the many exciting endeavors that lie ahead.