What is coconut rapeseed wax?

It is a wax that is based exclusively on rapeseed and coconut oil. It is biodegradable and 100% plant-based so it contains neither ingredients with an animal or mineral/petroleum origin, nor ingredients originating from genetically modified (GM) plant sources. It is free from palm, soy, GM, paraffin, additives and is also considered Halal, Kosher and vegan. It is also an excellent sustainable and non-toxic alternative to paraffin wax.

Why did we choose to use coconut rapeseed wax and not others like soy wax?

We think that coconut rapeseed wax is the best option out there currently. The demand for soy has increased in the past years due to its assortment of uses, high yield per area and easily marketable environmental benefits. Hence one of the impact of global soy production is deforestation, land and habitat loss. 

So the reasons why we chose coconut rapeseed wax is because it is:

i) Sustainable: Compared to soy, coconut on the other hand is a renewable, high yield and non-GMO crop, making it great for being sustainable and environmentally friendly. The rapeseed wax on the other hand is sourced from renewable vegetable sources that can be replenished at a faster rate than many other fluids.

ii) Non-toxic and has a slow clean burn: This means that the candle will burn at a more consistent burn rate & temperature, while producing lesser soot and it does not release toxins into the air. This also means that the candle will burn slower and last longer ;)

iii) Exceptional in scent throw: Scent throw refers to when the scent is released from the melted wax pool when it lit (hot throw) and when the candle is waiting to be lit (cold throw). And this wax is great at both! 

Why do you use wooden wicks?

Besides looking pretty, wooden wicks offer other merits like having a cleaner burning aka they do not mushroom and have little debris, soot and carbon build up. And let's not forget about the beautiful crackling sound that is so calming and soothing!

My candle is not burning down evenly, what am I doing wrong?

Whenever you light your candle, ensure to let it burn till the melted wax pool has reached the full diameter of the container. This will form a memory of the wax in the candle, allowing it to burn evenly all the way down. For more information, please see our Candle Care page.

What do you mean by "pup safe" and "kid safe"?

It is one of our main goal at IMA to advocate safe essential oil usage. That is why we want to create products that you feel confident to use safely around your precious ones, so having a pup safe and/or kid safe icon on the product (yes, even our candles) means that the essential oils that we use in our products are safe to be used around your pups and/or kids. Even so, do remember to leave them an option to leave the room should they not like the scent, especially your pups because they each have their own likes and dislikes too ;)

Each pup is different, so do look out for any allergy reactions if this is their first time getting exposed to essential oil based products. Should there be any signs of discomfort or allergy reactions, stop using and bring them to a vet immediately.

*It is not advisable to be used directly on them, but if you are looking for such blend, do reach out to us.

I have cats at home, is it still safe for me to use essential oil based products?

Cats are extremely sensitive to certain groups of essential oil constituents as they lack a liver enzyme (glucuronyl transferase). That means their body would not be able to break down certain substances and eliminating them, therefore leading to toxins buildup in their bodies. However, you can still use EO products while keeping your cats safe as long as you're not using it on them!

Here are some safety tips:

1) [Diffuser, candle, nebulizer] Ensure that you're using it in a well ventilated room and never enclose a room with your cat inside

2) After applying EO blends on yourself, avoid your cat for an hour and do not let them lick the area or pet them

3) Allow the surface to dry when using EO based cleaning products as absorption can be done through their paws

4) Store your EOs out of their reach and keep them away safely every time you use them

Lastly, observe and watch out for signs of toxicity and bring them to a vet immediately should you have any concerns.